Recently we used your service to look after our babies – Billi & Denzel – 2 ½ year old black toy poodle siblings while we chased the sun in the north of WA for 2 weeks.

You matched Billi & Denzel up with Shell & Kieran and they were a really lovely young couple who we met twice prior to leaving the puppies in their care.

They kept in touch with us to alleviate any anxiety we had about leaving our spoilt and much loved pets.

We arrived home to find the house lovely & clean, even the sheets on the bed were washed and near dry on the line, the dogs were happy & content, but also very excited to see us.

The entire process from time of booking, document completion, deposit, final payment & taking the holiday was a breeze.

We saw Shell when we arrived back, gave her a big hug & thank you and then followed up with a quick text the next day full of good wishes & hoping we will get to used them again.

I always get people ask me what do we do with the puppies on the occasions we don’t take them with us – I always say we use your fantastic service!


Thanks heaps for ensuring that you only send us lovely & caring people who value our pets (oh and the house!) as much as we do.



25 July 2019

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