We’ve survived the couple weeks without our little puppy (KC) while on holiday in South Africa. Colin and I would like to thank you for the excellent pet-sitting services you have provided us. You answered all our questions promptly and some were fairly silly as this was our first¬†experience with a pet-sitting service. You made it easy for us with clear e-mail messages and finding a nice pet-sitter for us in Andrew.

Andrew visited us prior to our departure, this was great as we could introduce our spoiled little pup to Andrew in a relax atmosphere. He also made sure on the night of our departure that he was there before we had to leave for the airport, it was just so much easier to leave with our suitcases while Andrew was there to comfort and keep KC distracted. Our pup looked great when we returned and Andrew taught her a few extra tricks that we are maintaining with her.

Andrew was a thoughtful house quest that left our place spotless, watered the plants in the pots and also left us a lovely gift. We would recommend Andrew anytime to other owners with spoiled and loved pets.

Thanks for everything you have done for us, there is no doubt that we will call again when we need someone to look after our precious little KC.



30 December 2019

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