Well, I can’t give a high enough opinion of both Lyn don & Robbie with their sit of our dogs Bella & Marley. Robbie, who was on for the last 3 days left the house impeccable and Lyndon was noticed by dog people down the park, walking dogs regularly. He was even invited to a doggie birthday party. He watched Marley’s food intake and curbed his bolting activities (at least while he was in control) The photos he sent would be enough for a small photograph album. I’m sure he’d let you have them to use if you wished!

Both left us food, milk, chocolate and flowers as well as some beautiful cards. Very welcome as we had a late afternoon flight but would certainly not expect that much next time. We would be happy to use either Lyndon or Robbie or tandem on a future sit. They were the best.

Thank you for your service. We are thinking about going away for a short holiday end of November so will get back to you when we know dates etc.

1 October 2018

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