Firstly, we use your service because it is always professional.  The documentation is comprehensive, your staff are pleasant, helpful and efficient and your selection of sitters is excellent.

Hugh looked after our cats and house very well.  Tilly and Sophie were very well and happy when we returned.  They were a little distant at first looking for Hugh.  But settled back into our being home easily.  The house was clean and tidy and just as we had left it.  Hugh has done a great job.

We had an issue with a side fence blowing down in a storm.  Hugh kept us informed and worked with our neighbours to sort it out.  We were concerned about the cats because our neighbours have an Alsatian, who isn’t too keen on the cats.  Hugh and our neighbours made sure that they were safe and still able to get outside, which was great.

Robyn and I think you have a good sitter in Hugh and would definitely recommend him to your clients.


27 November 2019

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