A couple of words for Mark – who was excellent and super nice! We had a few messages from him while we were away, and these were just little updates to let us know that everything was ok and everyone had settled in well. It was nice to know and really stopped me from worrying about things while we were away. He even had to deal with naughty Richie’s destroying, and managed to keep it to a minimum (Richie says sorry, Mark). We arrived home to find everything clean and in place, which was great. The animals were happy to see us, but not too happy, which means that they had a good time with Mark. They looked super healthy and Richie (the piglet) didn’t even put on any weight while we were away, which means he didn’t con Mark into feeding him more than he is allowed!!! Booking, as always, was super easy and we are already planning the next trip.

27 June 2018

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