Hi Jan,

As you are aware I went overseas for 6 days and Robbie was again sitting Saffy and Stardust. 

Once again I would like to let you know what an absolute asset Robbie is to your company and I want to sing her praises (I now call her Angel Robbie) as she goes way above and beyond the call of duty and I have utter faith in Robbie being in my home and looking after my children/home. Robbie is a very neat, precise and spotlessly clean person and has an eye for detail. Besides keeping the boys/house clean, there were other numerous things that Robbie just did! She also sent pics and gave me updates which was appreciated.    

Not only were my two Princes very very well looked after, and spoilt, and, as said, the house was spotless.  As was the garden, albeit it small, but the frangipani trees are dropping leaves and there is a constant mess, back and front, and they had all been swept up and binned. This saved me a lot of work!

Once again, Jan, thank you for Angel Robbie. Kind regards Lynn Davis, Saffy and Stardust.

26 June 2018

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