Jayanthy sat our two cats, Opal and Pierre, for 10 days and over that time we could not speak highly enough of her. She was absolutely delightful from the time of meeting her until the end of her stay. During the stay Jay took photos of our cats and sent them. We were thrilled to see how comfortable they looked. Our exchange of messages from time to time were friendly and warm, and it was so lovely to learn a bit about Jay and her studies. Importantly Jay did not mind giving Opal oral medication over the period, which was quite a challenge! The house, when we came back was extremely neat and tidy. We were very impressed and appreciated the fact that Jay changed all the bedding, washed T-Towels and even bought bread and milk for us. Jay was an excellent house/pet sitter and a woman who takes a great deal of pride in this role. We wish we could ‘book’ her all the time we are off on holidays.

22 August 2018

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