Joe was fantastic. Very friendly and professional and always easy to communicate with. He texted us a few times with photos of Dougal and we really appreciated the updates.

He may have mentioned to you that there was an attempted break-in at our house late last week. Someone jumped the fence and tried the back foot but Dougal scared him off. However, we appreciated how Joe dealt with the situation (checked the back garden and left the lights in) and let us know about it (without worrying us).

On top of that – he left the house perfectly clean – sheets were washed and dried (an amazing feat in itself given the rain last week!) and of course Dougal and our 2 goldfish were in perfect health.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and use Joe again. We’re just sorry he’s not available in Nov for our next trip away! 🙂

17 October 2018

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