Thank you again for providing me a house sitter while I have been away. Taylor was the 5th one I have had from you. When I got home, the house was clean and tidy and it was evident that everything I had asked Taylor to do for me had been done efficiently. The cat was also very happy, She is unusual in that she doesn’t punish me for going away and accepts my return as completely natural. From the texts I received from Taylor, it was evident that they got on very well. I have emailed Taylor to thank him.

I am meeting up with Michael Richards on Friday to talk about a sit in October/November. I do appreciate the service you provide. As you can see, I keep on coming back. It is great to know that I can go away and not worry about the cat and the house as I can rely on the sitter you have sent me.

With many thanks

26 June 2018

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