, Michele did a wonderful job of looking after my home and Max the pernickety cat :). He looked not at all excited that I was back šŸ˜‰ I also very much appreciated that my rose bushes had been dead-headed and my pot plants had been fertilised and watered beautifully! The pool was clean and sparkling, as was my home. Michele knew my sister was arriving the next day so she very kindly washed the linen too! Michele is a wonderful carer and has much common sense, the latter being such a rarity these days! AllPet staff are supremely friendly, kind and super-efficient – what more could I ask for! Thank you, and as you know Iā€™m off again after Christmas. Tim & Suzanne have been over once and will come back before I leave for a final “getting to know” the house. I will drop in the deed soon.

Claudia ā€“ South Perth

30 December 2019

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