Thank you

I found Allpet services were excellent. My pet has had a recent medical episode which meant I was very nervous about leaving him.

Allpets service was excellent from the talking with Jan about my dogs, Ben’s specific issue and ensure there was a match with sitter (Lyndon) and my pet (Ben).

From the information collected prior to me going on holiday, each step along the process helped build my confidence that Ben would be well taken care of.  The bonus was looking after my home. My home was left in a very clean neat and tidy , I almost couldn’t find that Lyndon had stayed there. 😊

Whilst I was away Lyndon sent me photos so I could see Ben was in good hands and thoroughly enjoying himself. This meant I could enjoy my holiday knowing all was well.

I don’t have any comments that would make your service better. If for any reason I think of anything that would be of assistance to you I am happy to share with you.

I will be seeking your services in the future. Lyndon was fabulous. Thanks again for ensuring Ben was well and looked after.


2 November 2021

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