This was our first experience with Allpet House Sitters and all in all this has been a very positive experience for us and our Whippet boy! At late notice I contacted Jan, and as a very nervous first customer not only did Jan listen to our need to have someone home more as our pet is not used to being left alone for long periods, but Jan quickly put into place a lovely sitter who could work from home! Perfect ! Manon was exceptional! We had day to day correspondence/pictures to help us worried fur baby parents feel at ease. Our boy was walked and cared for very well and on return our house and plants were as we left them …… clean and watered!

Thankyou so much Manon, we so appreciate your sitting experience!

All in all Allpet House Sitters is an extremely well run and organised business which I will highly recommend to other’s.

Thankyou, we will be back!

Kind regards

Tami Melville

1 September 2020

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