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About Pet Sitting

Allpet House Sitters supply pet lovers to live in your house and care for your pets whilst you are away. They keep the fur family in their normal routine by giving medication, exercising them and ensuring that they have lots of pampering whilst their loved ones are away.

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How it Works

Allpets HQ will personally select a sitter that they believe is the most suitable sitter for your pets' needs.

The Client will then meet the sitter a couple of times to ensure that you are both happy. When the client departs for their wonderful holiday the sitter will move into the house and have a rent-free stay in exchange for looking after the pets. The client pays the Allpet House Sitters for being available for 24hr support, the insurance and for the screening process each sitter undergoes.

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What We Look For

Our sitters come from every walk of life and are aged between mid-twentiess up to seventiess. What they all have in common is their love of animals, integrity, honesty, fitness and the knowledge and experience to care for your fur family and property. Whatever your needs, Allpet House Sitters are very flexible and will tailor their services to help you.

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Becoming a Pet Sitter

Are you a pet lover and are interested in joining the Allpet House Sitters team? Will you look after someone else’s pet as if it was your own? Can you care for a home, garden and pool, keeping it neat and clean?

If the answer is yes to the above questions. Then we would love to hear from you! We try to keep the pets in their normal situation so some clients require a sitter who works full time, other clients require someone who works part-time as their pets might not used to being left for as long! So there are lots of opportunities for most pet lovers to house sit.

Become a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter Profile - Mike

With Allpets since April 2017

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Hi, my name is Mike. I’m semi-retired after a long career in industry. I have a Master’s degree in management from long ago, but my life nowadays is altogether very different. I first started with Allpets in April 2017, with the intention of house-sitting through winter 2017, while I decided where to buy a new home and well over a year later I’m loving life with Allpets and the freedom which it gives me. I have no intention of buying another home, and I’m hooked on house-sitting with Allpets! I’m fully booked out for many months ahead (through Christmas 2018), and also have bookings from repeat clients well into 2019 as well. I get to stay in lovely homes with gorgeous dogs and other animals!

I have two young children, 11 & 13, from a previous relationship, and I get them every second weekend. Allpets only place me with clients who agree that I can have my children with me, and never once has this presented a problem. Frankly, my kids get new animals to play with regularly, new homes to explore and exciting things to do on their weekends with me in new locations.

The Allpets team take really good care of me and I honestly couldn’t be happier!

Advantages of Pet Sitting

1. Great Animals

Our sitters get to take care of lots of great animals.

2. Live in New Places

Our sitters live in new and exciting places regularly.

3. Rent Free

Save money on rent, while taking care of great pets.

Become a Pet Sitter
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