Whether you are cruising around the world, skiing in Japan, driving around Tuscany, seeing a Broadway show or even just a FIFO worker, whatever your reason is for leaving Perth, Allpet House Sitters is your answer. After deciding that you need that Trip of a life time, the next dilemma will be what to do with your beautiful pets. Have a live-in sitter or drop them off at a kennel. If you want to keep them in their normal routine and familiar surroundings so that they will be happy, pampered and well cared for, then consider a live-in sitter from Allpet House Sitters who as well as caring for your pets and exercising them, will enjoy caring for your house, garden/pool and collecting your mail to give the lived-in look.

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How We Can Help

We know that having a stranger stay in your home is a daunting prospect for everyone. We offer an introductory service finding you a live-in house sitter who has been properly screened and personally interviewed by our team, police cleared and trustworthy. We ensure that you are only connected with mature pet lovers who will take the responsibility of looking after your pets and house seriously.

The added bonus is that Allpets HQ staff all live locally in Perth and are available to our sitters for 24hr support so if there are any problems whilst you're away, we can step in and help. Unlike some other house/pet sitting agencies in Australia, all of our sitters are fully insured whilst they are living in your home.

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Our Promise

We will look after your pets as if they are our own by finding the right people to care for them. They have to be mature, reliable and responsible pet lovers. We are all pet lovers at Allpets HQ and only take people on our books that we would have in our own homes to care for our own pets. You can go away with the peace of mind and enjoy your holiday knowing your pets will enjoy themselves being pampered at home while you're away.

How it Works

1. Request a Sitter

If you're going on vacation, contact Allpet House Sitters with your travel dates and request one of our trusted pet sitters.

2. Meet Your Sitter

We'll send you the perfect pet sitter to take care of your home, garden and loved ones while you're away.

3. Travel with Confidence

Relax and go on vaction knowing that Allpet House Sitters will take care of everything while you're away.

Things I Can do For My Sitter Before I Leave

Fresh Bedding
Extra Instructions
Set of Spare Keys
Space in Fridge/Cupboard
House in Tidy Condition
Leave a Copy of the Manual
Bread and Milk (Optional)
Parking Space
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